Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm home...

After 1 semester being in USM, i'm finally home. I really missed home during the last period of my semester.
There's a but though...huhu..But, after I'm home I feel so bored...I can't really hang out with my frens because most of them are MARRIED, and my friends that are not married, they're working. So, I just stay at home being a full time housewife even though I'm not married yet. So sad...But, other than the reason mentioned, there's another reason why I can't really go out. Even though I feel really bored (I've become a zombie due to my boredom) but I just have to endure it.
The reason is...
My mom is not really feeling well, so I need to be by her side. She has this weird illness that comes and go. But recently, since 2 weeks ago, the sickness stayed. 2 days ago, my brother and I sent her to a specialist hospital because she was so weak and she felt breathless. The doctor then did a check up and to my surprise the doctor suspected my mom got appendic. I was like...what? Are you for real? Is this really a specialist hospital? The thing is my mom has had this illnes for so long and she's been to clinics and hospitals so many times that I think the staffs are also maybe wondering why she keep coming back but the doctor never find anything wrong with her.
So, back to the appendic. The doctor than sent my mom to the gynae specialist and she did scanning and check ups on my mom. In the end, as usual, the doctor said there's nothing wrong with my mom. The results, her blood pressure, sugar level etc are normal. In fact, the doctor said that the numbers shown are perfect for a human body. I really don't understand what's my mom sickness.
It's really sad for me to see her always being sick and we really don't know what the cure is. I'm not saying that my family is holy, but we do pray a lot. Sometimes we say the rosary together like maybe once a week and my mom prays like 3-4 times a day. I really hope that God will show us the way and speak to us and tell us what we should do about my mom, because it hurt me a lot to see her in that condition....huhu...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One more to go....huhu..gambate!!

Wow...I've been very disciplined...huhu...I didn't write anything in my blog for about a week..yeap...I've been a good girl..hehe
But I still have one more paper to go for...But, I think this paper should be ok...
For the two past papers I've taken..hmmm...both were tough and I don't really wanna say anything about it...huhu
When I got back just now after my second paper, I suddenly remembered about a friend who hasn't been in touch with me for quite a while. I don't know what the reason is. Sometimes I feel very sad when i think about our friendship. It's just weird...We seemed to be close..When we are together, we really have fun..But, yes I admit that I'm not really a fun person to be with. Maybe she's bored of being with me coz unlike her, I'm systematic and just don't really enjoy talking about other people (a.k.a gossiping). I'm not saying that I don't gossip at all but the thing is she's hypocrite! why do I say so?
hmmm..lets see...whenever we are together, the only thing we talk about is her, her, her, and about other people whom she doesn't like and pretend to like and I know she said stuff about me to other people behind my back to. She's always giving me some kind of warning that goes like this; "I don't like people to talk behind my back coz I don't talk about other people to". Ughhh... (so perasan!)..Why would I talk about her? It's just a waste of time. It really irritates me, the way she said that coz I really never said a single thing about her even 2 my bestfriends!! That's why I'm writing it down coz this can help me to forget about her attitude..huh...
It just hurt me that no matter how nice I treat her, she always have negative thinking about me, and no matter what she said that contadicts with what I said and also that hurt me I still love her as a friend because we're quite close with each other. She shared her problems with me, her secrets to. I just hope she wouldn't leak out my problems to other people. I never have bad thoughts about her no matter what she did. I don't want to...Coz she's my friend. I just don't understand her attitude..Now, I regret writin about this cause it reminds of our time together and it just makes me sad...
I better write about something else..=)
Lets see...oh yea...
I'm going back to Kuching this Saturday......yay! I really can't wait. I miss home and I hate Penang...hahahha
What is it about Penang that I don't like...Well..first, its' not home..hehe...Just kidding...Actually I'm not really homesick and a mummy's girl that really misses home. I just wanna stay away from Penang. I don't know why but I just don't like Penang. I've been to Sabah, KL, Malacca, Perlis and Johor and I like them all especially Sabah. I love Sabah! I love it more than I love Kuching. (Sorry Kuching)...hehe...
Maybe the people in Penang are just rude, that's why..yea I know not all but mostly are rude. Even the shop owners..How are you suppose to sell things if you are not treating your customer well? Another thing is about the road users. This is the worst! It's like as if no rules exist! Those with the vehicles, they don't even respect the other road users especially pedestrian. My heart is just not for Penang....
Hmmm...I better start packing now..The store in my hostel is VERY small and I hope there are still enough space for my stuff..Chiao...

Friday, November 6, 2009

feeling better..

Thank God it doesn't rain 2day...i have tonnes of clothes hanging outside since yesterday..waaaawa..
but, it's a very hot day though..huhu
After expressing it all in my blog yesterday, i feel much better surprisingly. But, i would also like to thank God, because i think he was the one that made me feel better, I don't really know how though..ukh!
It's lunch time and i'm a lil bored with fb, so what d heck, why don't I just improve my writing skills since I'm very bad at writing obviously..hmmm..(I don't even know what to write about)
I'm supposed to be studying after lunch. I'm determined and motivated today. I have 2 study!!
As the saying goes, "masa itu emas", sooooo I must not waste time anymore....(hmmm..i'm guessing blogging is considered as a waste of isn't? hehe)
My laptop is simply irresistable. When I switched it on, it's so hard for me 2 turn it off. Arghh..i hope that other people have this same problem as me 2..hehe..and because of this, it's impossible for me to study..ish3..
So, I've made up my mind..I put a big notice on my notice board that says "X LAPPY UNTIL LUNCH"..WOOOHOOO....and I'm very proud of myself because I've been very disciplined and I only "bermesra" with my simply irresistable lappy at noon. Yes!!! but, the thing is....I online for more than 2 hours...(*&$#)haih...I think i need to put another notice to limit my online time..hmmm...yea, I think I definitely should do that...
My exam is in 2 weeks time and I must change!Yes!! And due to this reason, bye bye 4 now...hehe..i'll be back 2morow noon i guess..=p

Hello again's been 2 years since i last wrote anything in my blog...
The first one is just for the sake of completing my assignment..wahahha...
hmmmm...don't really know what to say now...i'm supposed to be studying, since it's my final exam month...but, instead..i'm online..*sigh*
what happened to me? i've change..i've never been like this..It used to be so clear..
I used to know what I want and I will work hard to achieve it. But now, even though I want to do well in my studies badly, I don't have the effort to study..I feel lost. I don't know what's my purpose anymore..
Why can't I be like my old self anymore? Why do I feel this way out of a sudden..I also felt that the path I've taken is not what I wanted anymore..I feel like I want to do something else, be different and be someone else...I really don't understand what happened to me..huhu..tsk3..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Compare to you, I am nothing

All my experiences, my sufferings and the obstacles I’ve been through….

They mean nothing if it is to compare with yours…

You’re such a wonderful person, treating me in your marvelous ways

I am just like a candle without its’ light, and…..

It is you who lighted me up

Your presence in my life is like the shining sun and the twinkling stars

Shining so bright, giving me more than enough, more than I could ever asked for…

Like the flowers blooming in spring to, you brought joy and love to my life

Even though we are separated by distance, but I feel so attached to you,

We are so close in mind and heart…

Nothing in this world that can compare to your love,

You pour out your love, you shower me with your love

Because, there is no other love like a mother’s love for her child.